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The FARGO code development begun in the year 1999. At that epoch it benefited a lot from the comments and physical input of Richard Nelson (QMUL) and John Papaloizou (Cambridge). The FARGO layer was written on top of a standard staggered mesh module a la ZEUS (with some minor differences, mainly in the momenta advection part). Many thanks to Romain Teyssier (Saclay) for explaining to me all (well...most of) the subtleties of this kind of schemes. The FARGO scheme, which leads to a dramatic increase of the hydrodynamic time step in a Keplerian disk, may under some circumstances lead to an overestimated time step. Although this can not be the case for the problem of an embedded planet in a non self gravitating disk, it is good to keep in mind that it may happen for other problems. I am indebted to Pawel Artymowicz (Stockholm Observatory) for drawing my attention to this issue. The FARGO code includes an accretion module inherited from the one described by Willy Kley (Tuebingen) in an earlier work, and uses his conservative treatment of the Coriolis force. The robustness and "user-friendliness" of FARGO was much improved every time it was run by a new user. I value very much the feed back from Peggy Varnière (University of Rochester), Aurélien Crida and Alessandro Morbidelli (Nice Observatory). Their questions, comments (and bug reports...) lead to very substantial improvements. Finally, many thanks to Christophe Morisset (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM) for his ideas about the makefile and for his critical review of these web pages.

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