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The EVANESCENT boundary condition has been implemented for FARGO-AD. This boundary condition is the one described in de Val-Borro et al. (2006)[[de Val-Borro et al. 2006, MNRAS, 370, 529]], used for the [EU test comparison problem->http://www.astro.su.se/groups/planets/comparison/description.html]. It aims at implementing wave killing zones at each edge of the grid (see function EvanescentBoundary, in SideEuler.c). The damping regions are located in the radial ranges [r_{\rm min}, 1.25r_{\rm min}] and [0.84r_{\rm max}, r_{\rm max}], where r_{\rm min} (r_{\rm max}) denotes the inner (outer) edge radius of the grid. The EVANESCENT boundary condition can also be applied with a locally isothermal equation of state and with a self-gravitating disk. With an adiabatic energy equation, we recommend to use this boundary condition rather than the NONREFLECTING one.

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