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We comment the template.par file provided in the distribution in the ’in/’ directory.

The parameter file is the list of all parameters (one per line). It is the equivalent of a namelist for a FORTRAN code.

A line that begins with a ’#’ is ignored (comment).
A line containing only separators, or an empty line, is also ignored.

Parameter references are case insensitive: AspectRatio, ASPECTRATIO or aspectratio are all valid.

Any trailing information (i.e. that appears after any separator after the parameter value) is discarded and constitutes therefore a comment.

This last comment stands alone on its line and therefore needs to begin with an ’#’.

Parameters can have several types. Here the type of PlanetConfig is STRING.

The type of ThicknessSmoothing is FLOAT.


The type of Nrad is INTEGER.

Some parameters have a default value, and do not need to be defined if one wants them to be set to this default value. Others do not have a default value and must be defined (otherwise an error message is issued and the code stops).

The parameter ordering is arbitrary. A warning is issued if a parameter is defined more than once.

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