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You do not need the self-gravity

There are two compilation options:

- make BUILD=sequential, to build a sequential executable.

- make BUILD=parallel, to build a parallel executable with MPI. This requires the MPI library to be installed on your platform.

You need the self-gravity

First check that MPI is installed on your platform (for instance with locate mpi.h). Then install the 2.1.5 (mpi-compatible) version of the fftw library:

You can check that the files fftw.h, fftw_mpi.h, rfftw.h and rfftw_mpi.h are installed in your directory myfftwdir/include. Note that FARGO-ADSG will not work with another more recent version of the fftw library, even though it is mpi-compatible.

The next step is to define the FFTW_PREFIX prefix to link with the fttw library objects when compiling. For instance, add in your .bashrc file:

or, in your .cshrc file:

If you have installed manually the mpi library on a local directory, you will similarly have to define a MPI_PREFIX prefix. You can check your prefixes with echo $FFTW_PREFIX and echo $MPI_PREFIX.

You should now be ready to compile FARGO-ADSG. There are two compilation options:

- make BUILD=sequentialfftw, to build a sequential executable with self-gravity.

- make BUILD=parallelfftw, to build a parallel executable with self-gravity (calculated with the fftw library).

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