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As of January 25, 2019, FARGO3D is available on a git repository. Older versions can still be dowloaded from this page as gzipped tar files.

Note: the FARGO3D code should not be confused with the FARGO code. It is a completely new code. A proper way of referencing the FARGO3D code in a publication is by citing the following reference paper:

Benítez-Llambay & Masset, 2016, FARGO3D: A New GPU-Oriented MHD Code, ApJS, 223, 11.

If the hydrodynamics version of the code is used, and the orbital advection algorithm is used (e.g. with setups fargo, p3diso, among others) then the publication should mention that the code uses the orbital advection algorithm of:

Masset, 2000, FARGO: A fast eulerian transport algorithm for differentially rotating disks, A&AS, 141, 165.

If the multifluid capability of the code is used, then the publication should mention that the code uses the multifluid implementation of Benítez-Llambay et al. 2019, Asymptotically stable numerical scheme for multispecies momentum transfer: Gas and Multifluid-dust test suite and implementation in FARGO3D, submitted to ApJS.

If the magnetohydrodynamics version of the code is used, and the orbital advection algorithm is used (e.g. with the setup mri), then the publication should mention that the code also uses, for the advection of the magnetic field, the orbital advection algorithm of:

Stone & Gardiner, 2010, Implementation Of The Shearing Box Approximation In Athena, ApJS, 189, 142.

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Previous versions:
MD5 = d66eede1b4acb00bf7ad6f72084f8a0f

MD5 = 48f85fa6128e9519a3a0ba726fa5880d

MD5 = 06ec93fffb5dcc0afa14b5fe7e016c20

MD5 = 05375975426b6a5c65a1675fb45a8c6a

MD5 = fae106eff92072663d555f4cf5172086

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Release notes:

  • fargo3d-1.3 (Fri Aug 03 2018):
    • Fixed the following bugs reported by users either on FARGO3D’s Google group or directly by email:
      • Check for empty lines in c2cuda.py (Cassandra Hall)
      • Corrected bugs in mon_momz.c and mon_momx.c (Thomas Rometsch)
      • Corrected bug on disk’s indirect term (Ryan Miranda)
      • Corrected a bug which prevented reading very large numbers during a restart (Ricardo Moraes)
    • Introduced "summary files" and amended the manual accordingly
    • Minor changes in setups (for legibility)
    • Wave-killing boundary conditions amended
  • fargo3d-1.2 (Fri Dec 11 2015):
    • Fixed a bug that could lead to random crashes on 2D and 1D runs on GPUs.
    • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.1 with the +S command line switch.
    • Implemented alpha viscosity in cylindrical and spherical setups.
    • Implemented polytropic equation of state.
    • Implemented GPU reductions based on warp shuffle for >= 3.5 architectures. Requires build option WARPSHUFFLE.
    • Merging output files from different processes is now the default. The execution flag -m is kept for backward compatibility. In order to keep the different files separated, use the -k flag.
    • Implemented binary setup. Check manual for details.
  • fargo3d-1.1:
    • Implemented geometrical source terms on the magnetic tension in curvilinear coordinates.
    • Implemented magnetic pressure gradient in spherical coordinates (was missing).
    • Implemented geometrical source terms on the curl of magnetic field (current, used when physical resistivity is present).
    • Implemented new variable NSNAP (see manual), which allows to select the fields written to the disk in order to oversample some of them (e.g., for animations).
    • Solved a race condition that could arise during compilation.
    • Corrected misprints and updated manual.
  • fargo3d-1.0:
    • Corrected a bug that gave incorrect domains with multiple processes and a log scaling of zones radii.
    • Corrected a bug that led to random crashes upon run start when using multiple GPUs.
    • Corrected a miscentering of wave damping boundary conditions on Vz in file stockholm.c.
    • Corrected a bug that led to wrong wave damping conditions when the frame had a variable angular velocity (typically when tracking a migrating planet). The change of angular velocity is now fully taken into account in stockholm.c
    • Corrected a bug that yielded incorrect change of azimuthal velocity when the frame had a time varying angular velocity, in spherical coordinates (in file correct_vtheta.c)
    • Resolved an issue with the tracking of the guiding center of a planet with an inclined orbit.
    • The resistivity arrays are now filled prior to evaluating the maximum time step allowed by that CFL condition.
    • When a calculation includes one or several planets, the files orbit[i].dat, planet[i].dat and bigplanet[i].dat are now written, as in the former FARGO code. Their content is however different (see manual).
    • Added the possibility to remove the azimuthally averaged surface density prior to the torque evaluation (see Baruteau & Masset 2008, ApJ, 678, 483). The user simply needs to add the BM08 flag in the opt file (FARGO_OPT += -DBM08).
    • Added some new command line switches (-o, to manually overwrite some variables of the parameter file, +S, to stretch azimuthally a simulation initially ran with low resolution in azimuth, -# and +#, to run arrays of calculations). See the manual for more details.
    • Added new setups (p3diso, p3disof which correspond to 3D spherical setups with an isothermal EOS of a Keplerian disk with an embedded planet; the former assumes equatorial symmetry and simulates the half the disk above the equatorial plane, whereas the latter considers the full disk).
    • Added new tests to the test_suite
    • Added more flexibility to spawn runs on clusters of GPUs (+D flag)
    • Added history files in $HOME/.fargo3drc
    • Modified the documentation
    • Cosmetic changes (possibility to define the first planet’s mass in the parameter file with PLANETMASS, possibility to rescale all radii -planets and mesh- with one optional parameter, ORBITALRADIUS).
  • fargo3d-0.9:
    • first public release of the code

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