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When this parameter is set to YES, a cut-off is introduced when estimating the torque of the disk on any given planet, as follows:

The torque T of any zone (interior or exterior to the Roche lobe) is multiplied by 1-\exp[-(d/R_H)^2] (where d is the zone center distance to the planet and R_H the planetary Hill radius).
Note that the torque files tqwk[i].dat contain both the torque values with and without cut-off, regardless of the value of ExcludeHill. When ExcludeHill is set to NO, the torque without cut-off is applied to the planet to update its velocity, while when ExcludeHill is set to YES, the cut-off torque is applied to the planet. Defining ExcludeHill therefore only makes sense if the simulated planets are migrating. If they are not (i.e. if they are on fixed circular or eccentric orbits), the outcome is independent of ExcludeHill. This parameter should not be confused with the parameters related to the smoothing length (RocheSmoothing and ThicknessSmoothing)

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