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Here are the main features of the standard public release of the FARGO code.

Solves Navier-Stokes and continuity equations for a Keplerian disk subject to the gravity of the central object and that of embedded protoplanets
Isothermal equation of state, with arbitrary temperature (or sound speed) radial profile
2D polar mesh hydrocode
Uses a van Leer upwind algorithm on a staggered mesh.
Arbitrary number of planets.
Includes the FARGO algorithm (Fast Advection in Rotating Gaseous Objects).
Frame is non-inertial and centered on the primary.
The full viscous stress tensor of Navier-Stokes equation is implemented.
Parallellized both with OpenMP and MPI.
Frame is either non-rotating, rotating at a fixed angular velocity, or corotating with a planet or its guiding center [5]
A run can be stopped (or killed) and restarted.
The disk is non self-gravitating.

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