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  • Solves the equations of hydrodynamics (continuity, Navier-Stokes and conservation of energy) and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) on an Eulerian mesh.
  • Multifluid capability. Each fluid can have its own Equation of State (EOS) and pressureless fluids can be used to simulate dust.
  • Multidimensional (1D, 2D & 3D).
  • Several geometries (Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical).
  • Non inertial reference frames (including shearing box for Cartesian setups).
  • Designed mainly for disks, but works well for general problems.
  • Includes ideal MHD (Method Of Characteristics & Constrained Transport).
  • Includes magnetic field diffusion (resistivity module).
  • Includes the full viscous stress tensor in the three geometries.
  • Simple N-body integrator, for embedded planets.
  • FARGO algorithm implemented in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates.
  • The FARGO or "orbital advection" scheme is also implemented for MHD.
  • Possible runtime visualization.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Multiplatform:
    • Sequential Mode, one process on a CPU.
    • Parallel Mode, for clusters of CPU (distributed memory, with MPI).
    • One GPU (CUDA without MPI).
    • Parallel GPU Mode, for clusters of GPUs (mixed MPI-CUDA version).

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