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By writing:

in your parameter file, the planet will be held on a fixed circular orbit, with a stationary angular velocity. This new parameter is more restrictive than the FeelDisk parameter, put in your planet configuration file. The FeelDisk ensures indeed that the planet only feels the star’s gravity and has therefore a strictly Keplerian angular velocity. If you want to run a self-gravitating calculation, with a planet on fixed circular orbit, the FeelDisk parameter will enforce the planet to feel the star potential, but not the disk potential. This will yield strongly mismatched results [1]. By setting however ForcedCircular = Yes in your .par file, you ensure that the planet keeps the same initial angular velocity, which takes the self-gravity into account in this example. The torques obtained with a self-gravitating disk, with ForcedCircular set to Yes or No, are displayed in the top figure hereafter. We furthermore comment that:

(i) you cannot define simultaneously FeelDisk=Yes in your .cfg file and ForcedCircular=Yes in your .par file.

(ii) if the disk is not self-gravitating, setting ForcedCircular to Yes or No does not alter the torque on the planet. This is shown in the second figure hereafter.

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