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This string parameter can take either of the three values: Fixed, Corotating and Guiding-Center (only the first character matters, and it is case insensitive). When it is set to Fixed, the frame rotates at a constant angular speed, specified by OmegaFrame (which defaults to 0, i.e. to a non-rotating frame). When it is set to Corotating, the frame corotates with planet number 0. If this planet migrates or has an eccentric orbit, the frame angular speed is not constant in time. The corresponding acceleration term is conservatively implemented. The y coordinate of planet 0 is therefore always zero in this case. When it is set to Guiding-Center, the frame corotates with the guiding-center of planet 0. The frame angular speed therefore varies with time if and only if planet 0 migrates, and it does so in a smoother manner than in the Corotating case.

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