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News 2010-12 : Some cleanup has been made. You can see the (small) changes here.

A set of tool is available for opening and displaying easily the files output by FARGO in IDL. GDL users, see the note

Download and install

You can download it here. To install, simply uncompress it in your FARGO directory. This should create an "idl" directory, containing 10 routines. Include this directory in IDL’s path,
by editing the startup file (defined by the environment variable IDL_STARTUP)

(To do so, issuing the command

echo '!path=!path:~/your_fargo_dir/idl/' >> ~/.idlstartup.pro

should do the trick, if we assume that your startup file is named $HOME/.idlstartup.pro).

The examples shown in this page are made from the template run, using Nep.cfg instead of Jup.cfg. You are advised to download the corresponding .par here, saving it in the "in" directory of the standard FARGO distribution, and run it, by issuing :

fargo -vt in/template2.par

This should create an out2 directory inside your FARGO directory, containing the output files.

The three main routines you will be using are tqf.pro, open.pro, and rep.pro.

You are advised to start idl from the FARGO directory.

Now, go to tqf.pro.

A note about data organisation

In a more realistic environement, one will wish to arrange his data by project, each project containing a set of runs, like this :

If you start your idl session from the "/data" dir, you can use all the above routine, specifying project="adiabatic_runs_varying_sigma",dir="out1". For example :

To simplify even further, if your subdirectories have the form out+number, you can just give the number, like this :

(open.pro automatically add "out". If you have chosen another generic name for your directories, modify open.pro accordingly)

Of course, the keyword project is sticky, and defaults to "." .


12/2010 :

rep.pro :
- now correctly display the date
- got rid of minmax
- some gdl compatibility tweaks
- some error checks

open.pro :
- auto detect the planet.dat format, so no need for the /adsg switch anymore
- gdl compatibility tweaks
- some error checks

reppol.pro :
- got rid of minmax

hs.pro :
- got rid of minmax
- added "jitter" keyword

GDL compatibility

Thanks to Pau Amaro-Seoane, some GDL compatibility has been achieved.
stream.pro (and therefore hs.pro) does not work, but you can now use rep.pro and open.pro, with some few caveats :

- open.pro might print some errors related to grep. They are non-blocking, and do not alter the execution of the routine

- rep.pro relies mainly on the contour function, which is not optimal in GDL. Expect it to be slow.

- The whole streamline part of rep.pro does not work.


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