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The gas_energy polargrid is defined in function main.c. Its initialization is done in function InitGasEnergy (see Pframeforce.c), and is consistent with that of the disk surface density (InitGasDensity, in Pframeforce.c) and temperature for a locally isothermal disk:

e(r) = \frac{R}{\mu(\gamma-1)}\cdot \Sigma_0\cdot h^2\cdot r^{-\sigma-1+2f},

where the value of \gamma is defined by ADIABATICINDEX, that of \Sigma_0 by SIGMA0, h by ASPECTRATIO, \sigma by SIGMASLOPE, and f by FLARINGINDEX. Note that the rotation profile is the same either with an energy equation or with a locally isothermal equation of state (the initialization of the gas velocity is now implemented in InitGasVelocities, in Pframeforce.c).

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