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The disk self-gravity alters both the planet's angular velocity \Omega_p and the disk's rotation profile \Omega(r) as:

\Omega_p = \left[ \Omega_K^2(r_p) - \frac{g_r(r_p)}{r_p} \right]^{1/2},

where r_p is the planet's orbital radius, \Omega_K denotes the Keplerian angular velocity, and:

\Omega(r) = \left[ \Omega_K^2(r) \left\{ 1 - (1+\sigma-2f)h^2r^{2f} \right\} - \frac{g_r(r)}{r} \right]^{1/2},

where h is defined as ASPECTRATIO, f as FLARINGINDEX and \sigma as SIGMASLOPE. When the disk self-gravity is taken into account, the initialization of the planet's angular velocity is done by function init_planetarysys_withSG in sgsysinit.c, while that of the fluid elements is done by function init_azimutalvelocity_withSG in sgvelinit.c.

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