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In addition to the classical output files for the 2D grid, the files concerning the 1D grid are also output, named gasFIELD1Dn.dat, where n is the number of the output, and FIELD is either dens, vrad, vtheta or label. They have the same format than the 2D files, with Nsec=1 and Nrad=NRAD1D.

For every field, a 1D ascii file is also output, named gasFIELD.ascii_rad.n.dat. They are in two column format : the first column is the radius (Rmed[i]), the second column is the value of the field in the corresponding cell of the 1D grid, or the average value in the corresponding ring of the 2D grid. They cover all the simulation radial extent. This enables an easy plotting of the global disk radial profile. Note that the velocities and label averages are weighted by the density.

The planets are numbered 1, 2, 3..., and not 0, 1, 2... like in the classical version. This is because the star is implemented as planet 0 in the frame centred on the centre of mass of the system. Thus, the file orbit0.dat is not output, but the planets orbits are recorded in orbit1.dat, orbit2.dat... The same stands for the files planetN.dat, bigplanetN.dat, tqwkN.dat.

Similar to the ones concerning the 2D grids, the files dims1D.dat and used_rad1D.dat contain data on the 1D grid dimensions. They are required for a restart of a run.

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