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Publications in refereed journals involving or based upon Fargo results.

This list only contains papers published in refereed journals. If your work does not appear in this list and you wish to add it, drop us an email.

Ataiee, S., Dullemond, C. P., Kley, W., Regály, Zs., and Meheut, H., 2014
A&A, 572, AA61, Planet-vortex interaction: How a vortex can shepherd a planetary embryo
Lega, E., Crida, A., Bitsch, B., and Morbidelli, A., 2014 MNRAS, 440,
683, Migration of Earth-sized planets in 3D radiative discs
Rice, W. K. M., Paardekooper, S.-J., Forgan, D. H., and Armitage, P. J.,
2014 MNRAS, 438, 1593, Convergence of simulations of self-gravitating
accretion discs - II. Sensitivity to the implementation of radiative
cooling and artificial viscosity
Müller, Tobias W. A. and Kley, Wilhelm, 2013
A&A, 560, AA40, Modelling accretion in transitional disks
Regály, Zs., Sándor, Zs., Csomós, P., and Ataiee, S., 2013 MNRAS, 433,
2626, Trapping of giant-planet cores - I. Vortex aided trapping at the
outer dead zone edge
Lega, E., Morbidelli, A., and Nesvorný, D., 2013 MNRAS, 431, 3494,
Early dynamical instabilities in the giant planet systems
Ataiee, S., Pinilla, P., Zsom, A., Dullemond, C. P., Dominik, C., and
Ghanbari, J., 2013
A&A, 553, LL3, Asymmetric transition disks: Vorticity or eccentricity?
Marzari, F., Thebault, P., Scholl, H., Picogna, G., and Baruteau, C., 2013
A&A, 553, AA71, Influence of the circumbinary disk gravity on planetesimal accumulation in the Kepler-16 system
Marzari, F. and Picogna, G., 2013
A&A, 550, AA64, Circumstellar disks do erase the effects of stellar flybys on planetary systems
Meru, Farzana and Bate, Matthew R., 2012 MNRAS, 427, 2022, On the
convergence of the critical cooling time-scale for the fragmentation of
self-gravitating discs
Hsieh, He-Feng and Gu, Pin-Gao, 2012 ApJ, 760, 119, On the Secular
Behavior of Dust Particles in an Eccentric Protoplanetary Disk with an
Embedded Massive Gas Giant Planet
Kley, W., Müller, T. W. A., Kolb, S. M., Benítez-Llambay, P., and Masset,
F., 2012
A&A, 546, AA99, Low-mass planets in nearly inviscid disks: numerical treatment
Müller, T. W. A. and Kley, W., 2012
A&A, 539, AA18, Circumstellar disks in binary star systems. Models for γ Cephei and α Centauri
Regály, Z., Juhász, A., Sándor, Z., Dullemond, C. P., 2012, MNRAS, 419,
1701, Possible planet-forming regions on submillimetre images
Moeckel, N., Armitage, P. J., 2012, MNRAS, 419, 366, Hydrodynamic
outcomes of planet scattering in transitional discs
Bitsch, B., Kley, W., 2011,
A&A, 530, A41, Evolution of inclined planets in three-dimensional radiative discs [1]
Baruteau, C., Meru, F., Paardekooper, S.-J., 2011, MNRAS, 416, 1971,
Rapid inward migration of planets formed by gravitational instability
Baruteau, C., Fromang, S., Nelson, R. P., Masset, F., 2011,
A&A, 533, A84, Corotation torques experienced by planets embedded in weakly magnetized turbulent discs
Pierens, A., Baruteau, C., Hersant, F., 2011,
A&A, 531, A5, On the dynamics of resonant super-Earths in disks with turbulence driven by stochastic forcing
Paardekooper, S.-J., Baruteau, C., Kley, W., 2011, MNRAS, 410, 293, A
torque formula for non-isothermal Type I planetary migration II. Effects
of diffusion
Baruteau, C., Cuadra, J., Lin, D. N. C., 2011, ApJ, 726, 28, Binaries
Migrating in a Gaseous Disk: Where are the Galactic Center Binaries?
Regály, Z., Sándor, Z., Dullemond, C. P., van Boekel, R., 2010,
A&A, 523, A69, Detectability of giant planets in protoplanetary disks by CO emission lines
Masset, F. S., Casoli, J., 2010, ApJ, 723, 1393, Saturated Torque
Formula for Planetary Migration in Viscous Disks with Thermal Diffusion:
Recipe for Protoplanet Population Synthesis
Bitsch, B., Kley, W., 2010,
A&A, 523, A30, Orbital evolution of eccentric planets in radiative discs
Marzari, F., Baruteau, C., Scholl, H., 2010,
A&A, 514, L4, Planet-planet scattering in circumstellar gas disks
Paardekooper, S.-J., Baruteau, C., Crida, A., Kley, W., 2010, MNRAS,
401, 1950, A torque formula for non-isothermal type I planetary migration I. Unsaturated horseshoe drag
Masset, F. S., Casoli, J., 2009, ApJ, 703, 857, On the Horseshoe Drag
of a Low-Mass Planet. II. Migration in Adiabatic Disks
Casoli, J., Masset, F. S., 2009, ApJ, 703, 845, On the Horseshoe Drag
of a Low-Mass Planet. I. Migration in Isothermal Disks
Marzari, F., Scholl, H., Thébault, P., Baruteau, C., 2009,
A&A, 508, 1493, On the eccentricity of self-gravitating circumstellar disks in eccentric binary systems
Kley, W., Bitsch, B., Klahr, H., 2009,
A&A, 506, 971, Planet migration in three-dimensional radiative discs
Mudryk, L. R., Murray, N. W., 2009, NewA, 14, 71, RAPID: A fast, high
resolution, flux-conservative algorithm designed for planet disk
Crida, A., 2009, ApJ, 698, 606, Minimum Mass Solar Nebulae and
Planetary Migration
Marzari, F., Scholl, H., Thébault, P., Baruteau, C., 2009,
A&A, 508, 1493, On the eccentricity of self-gravitating circumstellar disks in eccentric binary systems
Crida, A., Baruteau, C., Kley, W., Masset, F., 2009,
A&A, 502, 679, The dynamical role of the circumplanetary disc in planetary migration
Kley, W., Crida, A., 2008,
A&A, 487, L9, Migration of protoplanets in radiative discs
Crida, A., Sándor, Z., Kley, W., 2008,
A&A, 483, 325, Influence of an inner disc on the orbital evolution of massive planets migrating in resonance
Morbidelli, A., Crida, A., Masset, F., Nelson, R. P., 2008,
A&A, 478, 929, Building giant-planet cores at a planet trap
Johnson, B. M., Guan, X., Gammie, C. F., 2008, ApJS, 177, 373,
Orbital Advection by Interpolation: A Fast and Accurate Numerical Scheme
for Super-Fast MHD Flows [2]
Marzari, F., Thébault, P., Scholl, H., 2008, ApJ, 681, 1599,
Planetesimal Evolution in Circumbinary Gaseous Disks: A Hybrid Model
Baruteau, C., Masset, F., 2008, ApJ, 678, 483, Type I Planetary
Migration in a Self-Gravitating Disk
Baruteau, C., Masset, F., 2008, ApJ, 672, 1054, On the Corotation
Torque in a Radiatively Inefficient Disk
Beaugé, C.; Sándor, Zs.; Érdi, B.; Süli, Á. 2007, A&A, 463, 359, Co-orbital terrestrial planets in exoplanetary systems: a formation scenario
Crida, A.; Morbidelli, A.; Masset, F. 2007, A&A, 461, 1173, Simulating planet migration in globally evolving disks
Crida, A.; Morbidelli, A. 2007, MNRAS, 377, 1324, Cavity opening by a giant planet in a protoplanetary disc and effects on planetary migration
Masset, F. S.; D’Angelo, G.; Kley, W. 2006, ApJ, 652, 730, On the Migration of Protogiant Solid Cores
Morbidelli, A., Crida, A., 2007, Icarus, 191, 158, The dynamics of
Jupiter and Saturn in the gaseous protoplanetary disk
Masset, F. S.; Morbidelli, A.; Crida, A.; Ferreira, J. 2006, ApJ, 642, 478, Disk Surface Density Transitions as Protoplanet Traps
Crida, A.; Morbidelli, A.; Masset, F. 2006, Icarus, 181, 587, On the width and shape of gaps in protoplanetary disks
Masset, F. S.; Ogilvie, G. I. 2004, ApJ, 615, 1000
On the Saturation of Corotation Resonances: A Numerical Study
Varnière, P., Quillen, A.C., Frank, A. 2004, ApJ, 612, 1152
The Evolution of Protoplanetary Disk Edges
Masset, F. S.; Papaloizou, J. C. B. 2003, ApJ, 588, 494
Runaway Migration and the Formation of Hot Jupiters
Masset, F. S.; Bureau, M. 2003, ApJ, 586, 152
On the Spiral Structure of NGC 2915 and Dark Matter [3]
Masset, F. S. 2002, A&A, 387, 605
The co-orbital corotation torque in a viscous disk: Numerical simulations
Masset, F. S. 2001, ApJ, 558, 453
On the Co-orbital Corotation Torque in a Viscous Disk and Its Impact on Planetary Migration
Masset, F.; Snellgrove, M. 2001, MNRAS, 320L, 55
Reversing type II migration: resonance trapping of a lighter giant protoplanet
Papaloizou, J. C. B.; Nelson, R. P.; Masset, F. 2001, A&A, 366, 263
Orbital eccentricity growth through disc-companion tidal interaction
Nelson, Richard P.; Papaloizou, John C. B.; Masset, Frédéric; Kley, Willy 2000, MNRAS, 318, 18 The migration and growth of protoplanets in protostellar discs
Masset, F. 2000, A&AS, 141, 165
FARGO: A fast eulerian transport algorithm for differentially rotating disks [4]

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