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This parameter has to be used together with the ReleaseRadius parameter. They both are relative to planet 0 only, and they can be used to specify a forced migration (with constant, arbitrary da/dt). The planet 0 trajectory is forced for 0 < t < ReleaseDate, and is such that at t=ReleaseDate, the planet semi-major axis is equal to ReleaseRadius. At t=0, the planet semi-major axis is the one indicated in the planet configuration file (see PlanetConfig). Between t=0 and t=ReleaseDate, the semi-major axis of planet 0 is an affine function of time. Its angular speed is the Keplerian one corresponding to its instantaneous semi-major axis. For t>ReleaseDate, the planet migrates according to the torque exerted by the disk (its orbit is no longer forced).

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