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This page presents frequent problems as a FAQ list. This list is (very) far from being comprehensive. I plan to incorporate users questions as they arise. In case your problem is not addressed in the present page, feel free to send us an email.

Compilation problems

1. I get one of the following error message

You should use ’gmake’ instead of ’make’.

2. I get the following warning:

Just ignore this warning: it happens at the very first built, because the ’.config’ file does not exist yet.

Runtime problems

1. I get an error message similar to the following, and fargo quits:

The output directory specified by OutputDir in your parameter file does not exist. You must create it prior to fargo execution.

2. I get an error message similar to the following, and fargo quits:

Either the planetary system configuration file addressed by PlanetConfig in your parameter file does not exist, or the path to it is incorrect.

3. The OpenMP executable of FARGO is extremely slow at runtime.
Depending on your platform, you may need to add in the ’src/mp.h’ file the following line:

Also, you may check the impact of the following environment variables:

(change ’EXPORT xxx=yyyy’ with ’setenv xxx yyyy’ if you work under tcsh rather than bash)
The first affectation above prevents an automatic evaluation of the number of threads over which your
process is split. The second one explicitely tells how many threads you want in your OpenMP sections.
It is a good idea to set this number to the number of processors available and reserved for your run.

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